Sunday, 11 October 2015

Pebble Isle to Florence Harbor Marina

We left Pebble Isle Marina at about 9am after having their famous cinnamon buns and coffee.  I was up to the restaurant a little early because that was the only place in the marina you could access the Wi-Fi.  While I was there I got chatting with one of the owners and asked "who makes your famous cinnamon buns?"  He told me Pillsbury!!  He then added that you can only purchase them commercially.  Never the less they were absolutely delicious. 

On our way to an anchorage for the night.  We had 54 miles and about 7 1/2 hours.  Not a bad day.  The weather was over cast but pleasant for travelling.  When we arrived at the anchorage we were surprised to see friends that we met in Chicago.  Sea to Sea and Namaste.  We also met some new Looper friends along the way that we chatted with on the radio, Jane and Al from Inspeyered2.  They have just started the loop from Nashville.
 We were up early off to our next anchorage which was 57 miles away.  We also have to go through a lock which can take 1/2 hour or, our longest wait to date, 6 hours, so it could be a very long day. 

The houses along the river are built up very high as the water levels vary tremendously during different times of the year.
You have to wonder what happens to the house on the left when the water level rises.  The top of the roof isn't even as high as his neighbours stilts.
As we travelled further down the river the houses were built much higher and were much bigger.  This seems to be a very affluent area.
We were approaching the lock and there is current here.  As you get closer to the lock the current picks up quite a bit.  We are going upstream so our speed slows during high current.  The water rushing past the channel marker gives you an idea of how fast the current is travelling.
As you get close to the lock you can call the lockmaster and he will tell you if he can put you right through or if there is commercial traffic that will force you to wait.   This lock master would not commit.  Our new friends from Inspeyered2 caught up with us as they travel faster than we do.  After some radio chatter we decided to go to the lock with Inspeyered2 and take our chances.  We were put right through no waiting!!

The anchorage where we decided to stay the next night was immediately after the lock.  It was a great spot.  There is Marina right beside the anchorage but they do not take transient boats so we anchored just outside which was fine with us.  Inspeyered2 also anchored in the same spot.
We really enjoyed this anchorage.  There is a park right beside the marina so we were able to take the dinghy in to the marina and give Dexter his long off leash runs in the park.  The weather was a little dreary for the next few days so we decided to stay here for 3 days.  Dexter was very happy.
The second day we were awoken by the sound of over 50 fishing boats.  There was a fishing tournament that day.  I know there were more than 50 boats because they were being called to leave by number.  The first number I heard was 51 and they counted down from there. 

The third and last day at this anchorage we took Dexter for his daily off leash run.  After we had finished and were ready to go back to the boat we discovered the Island Loop Trail.  It said the trail was 4.5 Kilometers.  Steve wanted to check it out so we explored the trail.  We surprised 3 deer that put Dexter in to hunting mode.  We rounded a corner on the trail and there they were, so we were very close but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture. 

Back to the boat after our long walk to follow our long walk.  When I checked my phone to see how far we walked it was 9.3 Kilometers.  Dexter slept for the rest of the day.  We put the dinghy up as we were planning on travelling to another anchorage the next day. 
The next anchorage was only 17 miles away so we had a nice breakfast on the boat and had a later start.  We are taking our time now because we have a Great Loop Rendezvous that starts on Oct 14th.  It is only 50 miles away so we have lots of time. 

We arrived at this anchorage and met another Looper, Moe and Jim from Gemini.  The next day another Looper boat that we had previously met, Kathie and Werner from It's About Time came in.
We loved this anchorage.  The weather was hot and sunny and the water was clean so we could swim.  We watched as lots of fisherman came in and out so Steve thought he would try his luck at fishing.  He asked me if I had any bait....ugh??  Well is breakfast ham bait?  He took the breakfast ham and dropped a line in the lake.  Really??
A little while later......

This anchorage was also great for Dexter.  There was a small beach on shore which was only feet from the boat so very easy access with the kayak.  We managed to tire Dexter by throwing a stick in the water while he chased it again and again.
Dexter appears to be on to us when we ask him to pull us around the lake while we sit on a noodle.  He is now hitching a ride and saying you can paddle if you want to move. 
We enjoyed this anchorage so much that we stayed for 5 days.  It was very hot but the nights cooled down so sleeping wasn't a problem.  We love to sit outside but the afternoon sun made it difficult. Steve pulled out his snaps and made us some blinds for the back deck so we can sit in the beating sunshine with out baking. 
Today is October 10th and this boat hasn't touched a dock since we left Pebble Isle on Oct 1st.  Time to get some laundry done and replenish. 

We left this anchorage and headed for Florence Harbor Marina in Florence Alabama.  We are now just 20 miles from the rendezvous so there are many Loopers in this marina.  They were full no dock space for any other boats.  We have met many new friends and had what we call "docktails" later in the day.

We found another boater with a really great name....right Mom and Dad!!  I talked to the owner.  He said his previous boat he owned with his brother and they called it Moore and Moore Fun.  When he pronounced his last name he pronounced it like More.  They pronounce it wrong.  Anyway...they sold that boat and he bought this boat on his own and this is the name. 
Today is Sunday Oct 11th of Thanksgiving weekend.  We have so much to be thankful for.  The best family ever that supports us in living our dream.  We miss them all very much especially on special occasions.  We bought our own little turkey and had our own little celebration with all of our family in mind.  We had a toast to our family that we love so much and to those that are no longer with us as well.  Love to you all!

"One Bay at a Time"

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