Monday, 14 September 2015

Missisippi and Ohio Rivers to Green Turtle Bay

Arrived at Green Turtle Bay in Great Rivers, Kentucky.  More than 200 miles of no provisions so everything is running a little low.  Beautiful marina.  As soon as we were settled our neighbour, who is a regular here, told us he had something to show us.  He took us to a spot in the marina where the turtles feed...hence the name Green Turtle Bay.
                                        They don't allow any fishing for obvious reasons.
After all of the turtle excitement we settled in and inquired about reprovisioning.  Where is the closest grocery store?  Well turns out there is one just a mile away, perfect!!!...we can walk or cycle!  Then...."but you can't get alcohol there...this is a dry County"  What?...where are we again?!?!  There is a restaurant on site at the Marina.  You can't get a drink there but you can byob.  Didn't know places like this still existed in 2015.  We talked to some locals and there is a strong Baptist presence here that just won't allow alcohol, however, you never passed a person on the dock with out a drink in their hand.  There is a courtesy car here that we can use to reprovision and there is a wet county about 15 miles from here....whew!

We planned on staying here 3 nights.  We thought we would have arrived here at about 4pm on the first day but there was a commercial tow at the lock just before the Marina.  When we arrived at the lock the tow was waiting to go in so we were held up for over 2 hours.  By the time we arrived at the Marina it was after 6pm so we settled in, threw some chicken on the bbq and went to bed.  Our Canadian friends, John and Lee were here.  The other friends we were travelling with, Mike and Gail from Time Out, and Robert and Corrine from Aerial stopped early that day, at 11:30am.  They will be here tomorrow along with Al and Kaye from Knot Home and 2 other Loopers we haven't met yet. 

We spent the next day cleaning the boat and then our friends came and asked us to join them for dinner.  We went up to the restaurant on site at the Marina.  There were 12 of us.  John and Lee thought they would go up to the small town to Patti's...a must stop restaurant.  They ended up at the Marina restaurant after being introduced to Kentucky whiskey by their boater neighbour. 
The next day our friends Mike and Gail, and Robert and Corrine decided to use the courtesy car provided by the Marina for the price of gas only.  They invited us to join them as they knew we could not drive.  When we left our home we removed all but theft and fire insurance on our vehicles.  Since we did not have insurance coverage we were not all that comfortable getting in the drivers seat of any vehicle except a boat.  The 6 of us piled in the van and off we went to Walmart to fully provision.....or partially provision.  We went to Walmart on a Sunday.  Filled our cart and went to the checkout.  When Steve put the beer on check out counter he was told "sorry, I can't sell you alcohol today, it's Sunday".   Ooooooooh so close but yet so far.  Oh well. 

Back to the Marina where our friends had decided we had to go to Patti's for dinner as it is a must stop.  They are famous for their 2 inch thick pork chops.  There were 14 of us for dinner.  The restaurant will provide a shuttle van to pick you up and take you back to your boat, no charge.  We asked how far it was and were told a mile.  Lee, John, Gail, Mike, Corrine, Robert and Steve and I decided if we were going to eat a 2 inch pork chop we had better walk there. 

It was such a nice walk.  The day had started to cool and just as we came to the corner we saw 3 very tame deer.  They didn't even flinch as I approached to take a picture.
We were enjoying the walk so much that we actually walked a little past the restaurant before we realized we were there.
Dinner was excellent, very reasonably priced and the portions were huge.  I had catfish and Steve had the famous pork chop.  I should have taken a picture before he started to eat but this will show you how thick it was.  You would think a pork chop cut this thick would be dry and tough but you could have cut it with a fork and it was cooked to perfection.
Dinner was done with enough left over for dinner tomorrow night.  It was 9pm and it was dark so we decided to take the shuttle back to the boat.  Tomorrow we leave our friends.  We will likely see our Canadian friends, Lee and John again but Mike and Gail and Corrine and Robert are turning off to Nashville before heading further South.  That is about a 300 mile side trip so we may not see them again but they will still be looping so there is always a chance we will.  We hope to meet them before we hit Mobile Alabama.

Kaye and Al crossed their wake here in Green Turtle Bay.  That means they have crossed the water where they started the loop.  They will be turning off and heading toward home in New Orleans.  I will be sad to see them go.  We learned lots from them and even when we weren't travelling with them Kaye was keeping us up to date on their whereabouts and inquiring on ours by text.  Or sometimes we just chatted by text as we travelled. 

We plan on spending some time at anchor playing on the Kentucky Lake for the next week or two.  Dexter will love to swim and having us all to himself.  We are also looking forward to some quiet time and home cooked meals on the barbeque.  

Now that we are off the Rivers we plan on slowing down and not travelling so many miles in one day.  We look forward to what new adventure lies ahead and new friends we haven't met yet as we live "One Bay at a Time." 

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