Saturday, 24 October 2015

Joe Wheeler to Demopolis

We left Joe Wheeler on Sunday Oct 18th.  Since there were quite a few boats leaving, there were arrangements made at the rendezvous to split us in groups as we left.  Those that were not travelling far left later and those planning a longer travel day left with the earlier group.  There is a lock just a few miles from Joe Wheeler so we thought best to be organized.  Steve and I had a 50 mile day so we left with the first group.  The morning was cool and although it wasn't the warm we have been used to, it was beautiful.  There was a mist coming off of the water and we could see our breath for the first time on this trip.

We passed a large commercial vessel on the way to the lock.  We haven't seen anything like this one on the rivers before.
As we travelled down the river, Dexter sat in his favourite spot.  He was even shivering so we put his little vest on.
We stayed at anchor that night, the same spot where we stayed for 5 days prior to Joe Wheeler.  By the time we arrived at the anchorage we were in shorts and t-shirts.   The following day was another long travel day.  We are planning to get to Midway Marina which is 3 locks and 57 miles. 

We noticed the fall colours starting.  They aren't as bright as they are at home.  It is Oct 22nd today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!).  The colours at home start in August.

We stopped at Midway Marina to replenish.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We arrived at about 5:30 and decided to wait until morning to  take the courtesy car to stock up.  This will be our last grocery run....even if we get hungry...until we hit Mobile Alabama, the gulf coast.   

We had a chat with a local that told us of the Cotton Mouth Snake.  Very poisonous and can be lethal.  Told us to keep our dog away from tall grass at the rivers banks as they are water snakes and that's where the snakes hang out. 

After chatting with the locals we ventured in to town with the courtesy car.  It was so easy!  Directions were in the car with all the stops we needed.  Walmart, liquor store, beer store...done!  This county used to be a dry county and has only been wet since Feb 2015.  One of their laws is that all beer and liquor must be bagged.  While they were bagging our beer we said that's ok we'll just carry it.  They said no it's all about the children, a chid may see you leaving with beer and be influenced by your purchase.  So in order to be compliant with the law, they put our beer in bags.  Good thing the kids won't know we bought beer.
   After we left Midway we carried on down the river only to hear on our radio that the locks were backed up with lots of commercial traffic.  We also knew there were many Loopers ahead of us so we were a little concerned about anchorages being busy and places to stay.  We got a very late start from Midway and there was a Blue Jay game that afternoon so we decided to stop a very short distance from Midway Marine.  We met new friends there, Phyllis and Sony from that name.  I took Dexter to shore in the kayak and then drove past their boat.  Phyllis told me about a dog treat called Bully Sticks.  She gave me three of them and warned me that they really stunk but that they would keep Dexter occupied for a long time. 
Thank you Corkscrew!! Dexter loves his bully sticks.   So we radioed Corkscrew the next day to thank them and let them know how much Dexter loves them.  They radioed back and told us to Google "bully sticks" and that we would a kick out of what they are made of...well yes....turns out they are made from bull penis....Ya that's why they stink so much.....but if it makes Captain Jack happy, we're happy!
As we head further down the river we were just outside a lock when we came upon all these flowers in the water.  They float on top so no danger to the boat however they tend to hide logs and debris which is danger to the boat.

It's another beautiful morning on the river...not really a morning person but mornings on the river are not to be slept through.
Dexter is shedding like never before.  The mornings are nice and cool so good for sleeping and at about noon it heats up to 85 degrees....lovin this weather.  Dexter is almost bald, his hair just keeps on coming out.  He has given us so many laughs on this we will put up with his shedding.  Love this little guy..... 
The next day we were at anchor.  It was so gorgeous!  Just as we approached we saw 3 other Loopers behind us.  After we were all settled the sun began to set and I managed to get a few pictures.  It was a beautiful spot and made for a good nights sleep.
The next morning we were in a lock and spotted the dreaded Cottonmouth snake.  That lock could not have dropped fast enough for me!
As we travelled down the river we came across beautiful chalk cliffs. 

We stayed at an anchorage about 8 miles from Demopolis.  Came in to Demopolis at about 9:30am which was a great time to get lots done  Laundry, cleaning.....then it's docktails at 5pm to meet up with friends we have already met and friends we haven't met yet. 
The sun is starting to set so we leave our new friends but look forward to seeing them somewhere down the river.  We took Dexter for his last walk of the day and pinched ourselves as we looked at our boat, where it is today and where it has  travelled.  Tomorrow we will head further south "One Bay at a Time"

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