Thursday, 29 October 2015

Demopolis to the Gulf Coast and salt water!!

We left Demopolis at first light.  We had one lock and approximately 70 miles to go to our destination which is a very well protected anchorage.  We left with 7 other boats. It is 217 miles to the Gulf Coast and there aren't any marinas from Demopolis to the Gulf Coast. 

We arrived at our anchorage at about 4pm.  It was a very tight anchorage but deep all the way in.  We have to put out both a stern and bow anchor so we wouldn't swing in to shore.  There was already another Looper anchored there when we arrived. 

We were still expecting one more boat that travels much slower.  The last boat to arrive didn't get there until after dark at about 6:30pm.

We had planned on leaving early the next morning but the weather was horrible.  It rained sheets for most of the day with heavy winds.  This thanks to hurricane Patricia.  I don't think we've ever been on the boat in that much rain.  When ever it rains like that on the boat, we usually go home.  Steve looks really impressed.
 The rain had actually let up a bit so a quick trip to shore was in order.  There was a boat ramp at this anchorage so taking Dexter to shore was easy......easy for me because Steve went ever time :) him.  We are always looking for the dreaded Cottonmouth snake and we also now have to be concerned with alligators. 
After two days at anchor in the pouring rain, we head further South.  The sky with small amounts of blue showing through was a welcome sight.
We had planned on going about 70 miles on this day but the rain returned in the afternoon.  We were close to an anchorage so we decided to stop after 48 miles. 

The next day we went 59 miles which brought us 39 miles north of the Gulf Coast and our next stop, Dog River Marina.  Just as we pulled in to our anchorage we saw a huge gator.
Just prior to seeing the gator we had picked a spot to anchor just feet away because we thought it would be a good spot to take Dexter to shore.  We abandoned that spot quickly and drove further up the river to the other shore where it was very awkward to get to shore.  Dexter went to shore 3 times while we were here and I freaked out on the bow the whole time they were there.  We were alone so I went to the bow and sang at the top of my lungs.  For those of you that have heard me sing....that would scare the meanest creature away.  We pulled anchor the following morning after a goods night sleep.  You can see Dexter is still with us and Steve still has all of his limbs.
                                                               We are outta here!

We started to see signs of civilization and came to a huge industrial area just north of Mobile Bay.

There were even some military ships in this ship yard.  When we arrived at the Marina later that day we asked a local how fast these ships go and they replied, "no one will ever tell you that, that's classified information".

Once past the shipyard the channel opened up to Mobile Bay and salt water!  We are now at the Gulf Coast.  There is a shipping channel that runs through Mobile Bay so there were many fishing vessels and commercial traffic.

                                                                    Shrimp Boat?

After the commercial traffic passed we started to see much more friendly critters.  There were plenty of Pelicans.

 Just as the Pelicans flew away, I screamed.  Steve pulled the throttles back because he thought I screamed because we were about to hit something.  No, I screamed because there were dolphins jumping  beside our boat.  This one jumped right out of the water but I wasn't quick enough to snap a shot.  Just a fin.
We arrived at the Marina at about 2pm.  We will sit here a couple or few days depending on the weather.  After that we will head East toward the pan handle of Florida.  To date we have:

- been travelling America's Great Loop for 96 days
- travelled 2,389 nautical miles, or 2,747 statute miles, or 3186 kilometers
- had engines running for a total of 380 hours.....2 oil changes so far
- burned 1,476 US Gallons of diesel fuel
- been having the time of our lives..."One Bay at a Time."


  1. Thanks Janice and Steve great read keep up the wonderful adventure Norma and I are right there with you........

  2. Thanks Larry and Norma!! So glad you are following!!