Monday, 24 August 2015

To Walmart in Michigan windy day pictures

Steve was up very early this morning so he took Dexter out for his morning exercise with out waking me.  It was a great sleep in until 9am.  Just as I woke up Dex and Steve were back on the boat.  Steve turned the coffee on and we were good to start the day.  There is no grocery store in town so we asked the locals where they shop and they said Walmart!!  It is only 3 miles from the Marina so we broke out the bikes and put on our nap sacks.  Fully replenished for at least a couple of weeks.  Had to pass on the great wine prices to make room for more important calories in the nap sack :(...
Nap sacks full....ready for our ride back.  It's an easy ride...sidewalks most of the way with a bicycle path on one road. 
The day is a very windy day with waves on Lake Michigan at 11 feet!  Once we got back to the boat and put all of our groceries away we thought we would take a walk to the end of the pier.  There is usually a 4 - 5 foot clearance from the water to the top of the pier but today the waves were coming right over top the pier wall.  Soaked me up to my waste.  It was hilarious.
Here it comes!

We walked back to the boat via the beach.  There weren't many people on the beach given the high winds and the beach warnings due to high waves and currents.  You could feel the sand blasting your legs along the walk.  Crazy winds today.  Not a boat in sight when we looked out to the Lake.
The beaches aren't patrolled so if you wanted to swim you could.  However there were warnings posted at the beach entrance. 
Tomorrow still calling for high winds so we will break out the bikes again.  There is a bike trail that goes for 34 miles that we will explore.  Looks like we may be able to move on Wednesday but for now we'll just take it "One Bay at a Time"

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