Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Nashville to Green Turtle Bay to Pebble Isle Marina

 We left Nashville on Wednesday Sept 23rd.  Since the trip to Nashville is not actually part of America's Great loop we are heading back to Green Turtle Bay which is 160 miles.  We will take 3 days to get back.  We travelled to a quiet anchorage which had our stern facing west.  We had the most beautiful sunset and watched as the fisherman came in and out of the bay. 

We made really good time on the way back and were almost at Green Turtle Bay but our reservation wasn't until the following day.  We decided to anchor out and get some work done.  There were 150 hours on the engines since the last oil change so Steve thought it would be a good idea and good timing to do it prior to going to Green Turtle Bay because they have a spot there where you can dispose of your old oil.

We arrived back to Green Turtle Bay after a very short 7 miles.  We were very happy to hear that that evening was their annual seafood boil.  There were many Loopers in the Marina so chatted with many and had a seafood dinner with great conversation. 

The next day we were off to another anchorage.  There was an anchorage, that the locals spoke of only a few miles from Green Turtle Bay.  It is called "The Quarry".  When we first approached it looked like a very nice anchorage. ..
As we looked more like the ghetto.  This anchorage has a reputation of wild parties.  It's said that it's a great place to go to people watch... not so good if you plan on sleeping.  Oh yeah....this is still in a dry county??  Glad we toured in just to see what it was all about but we are on our way.
 The skies started to look ominous so we decided to tuck in to an anchorage for the night. 
We noticed another Looper also anchored a distance from us.  Hopefully we will catch up to them in the future. We got up the next morning and started to clean before heading out.  As we started cleaning we kept cleaning and cleaning and then decided to stay put for another night.  We heard coyotes howling in the night and they sounded like they were right outside our boat.  I was glad be boating and not camping.  The next morning I was a little worried about Dexter going to shore but pretty sure he'd put up a good fight before he was anyone's breakfast.  Since we didn't want to take Dexter to shore he got his exercise pulling Steve around they bay on a noodle.  Gotta tire that puppy out somehow!

The skies cleared that night and allowed us to watch the lunar eclipse!

The fisherman are very serious in these parts.  There was one fisherman that came in and threw a net over the water.  As he pulled the net up the bottom closed and it was full of fish. 

We headed down toward Pebble Isle Marina and came across a building that seemed to be in the middle of the river.  We could only figure that back in the day it was on shore and then they flooded the river.  It was outside the channel.
We arrived at Pebble Isle Marina and the owners here are all about Loopers.  As we pulled in to the Marina they told us they were hosting a get together at 5pm.  They said that they would supply all the food and we could either buy our drinks there or bring them.  We pulled in at about 12:30 so we took the courtesy van and replenished as we plan to be at anchor for at least a week after this.  When we came back, after a quick Walmart trip, there were 9 Loopers in the Marina!  We went up to the restaurant on site and had chicken, fish, deep fried pickles, deep fried mushrooms, nachos and mini sandwiches.  All courtesy of the Marina.  After some social time a couple of  Loopers got up with their guitars and sang a few songs that we were all able to sing along to.  What a great time, what great people! 

As we ended our evening in the restaurant the owner asked..."who's in for cinnamon buns in the morning"......yes they also provide coffee and home made cinnamon buns, complementary.  We were planning on an early start in the morning but we likely won't be back here so think it will be worth the wait for Bill's cinnamon buns.  Where ever we get tomorrow is just fine with us "One Bay at a Time".

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