Monday, 3 August 2015

Regatta Bay to the Bustard Islands to Killarney

We left Regatta Bay, heading to the Bustard Islands.  The winds were a little wild and we have an open area of water to get to our next anchorage so we decided to stay there for 2 nights. Saturday we went as far as the Bustard Islands in Northern Georgian Bay. We planned on going to Killarney the following day so we got up with the sun and thought we would beat the wind but no such luck. The run from The Bustard Islands to Killarney has an open run across  Georgian Bay that takes about 2 hours. We started out but turned back because the winds were too high once we exited our well protected anchorage.  What to do while we wait???
 Today is Monday August 3rd and we were up early again and today we beat the wind. I would say "so there! Mother Nature" but I don't want to piss her off so I will just say thank you Mother Nature.

You can not go through the Killarney channel with out stopping for the best fish and chips ever at
Herbert's (even if you do still have enough meat on board to feed 20 hungry teenagers and you will be crossing the boarder in 3 or 4 days). They have always operated from a red school bus so when we didn't see it we were very disappointed only to learn that they out grew their bus and opened a fully licensed restaurant. The fish and chips are still just as good. We also stocked up at the LCBO which is conveniently located right beside Herbert's.
We arrived at another of our favourite anchorages, Covered Portage.  This anchorage is very well protected and is surrounded by white cliffs.  Once we were settled we took a hike to the top and burned off some of those fish and chip calories.   Should be State side by the end of the week!

Back to the boat after our hike, looking forward to what ever tomorrow holds...."One Bay at a Time".

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