Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Preparation for the big boat ride

I am just over a week from retirement and we are just over a month until we head out on a journey we have dreamed of for years.  We have been members of America's Great Loop Cruisers Association for years but only in wanna be status.  It's hard to believe that we will be heading out on this life changing journey in such a short time.  We look forward to so much, meeting new friends, meeting our existing friends and family on our journey and just enjoying the adventure. 

The preparations have been intense.  New radar...yeah it spins.  Steve is very excited about that!  Water maker, so we can drink the ocean, many new batteries and solar panels to charge the batteries.  We should be pretty much self sufficient. 

We haven't started to pack yet but our space is limited so we have to be very strategic.  When Steve brought home the water maker it filled the back of his pick up truck.  I just looked at it and said "where are we going to put that?!"  Well it's installed!  We have huge storage in our state room and it fits nicely under the bed.  Well.......... we were going to pack a years supply of Clamato there but it s looking like Bloody Marys State side.......yuck!

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  1. Well here I go again !!! It's so exciting to see that you are getting close to realizing a huge dream !!! We are very excited to be able to follow along and hopefully join you at some point. We wish you all the "Best" for a wonderful, safe trip of a lifetime !!!
    Love to you both, Len and Gail.