Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bobcaygeon to Lake Simcoe to Echo Bay

Arrived to the boat at 1:30am Sunday morning after attending a fantastic wedding. Congrats to Erika and Adam Cain!  We were so excited to start our journey that we untied from the dock that night and took a very pleasant evening cruise to Bobcaygeon. We arrived at 4am and when we awoke we were surprised so see 5 other Loopers also waiting to go through Bobcaygeon Lock. While we were preparing to lock through we heard a "Hi y'all."  We met Jonathon and Rosa from "Salty." This will be their third time travelling the loop. We also met Mark and Pam from "Sea Bear." Dave and Penny from  "Penny Pinchin." Jack and Jane from "Spirit," Mike and Jana from "Lady J."

We travelled as far as Thorah Lock that day.  The locks were so busy it took longer than normal but nice to see all the boats out using our Trent system. The next day we stayed at a cottage that was rented by Steve's Sisters family on Lake Simcoe. The winds were calm so it was easy to anchor out in front of the cottage. We used the kayak and tied it to the side of the boat. When we awoke in the morning it was gone. We searched the shore thinking it would have blown in but we found it floating in the middle of the lake.
Once we had our kayak back on board we were off.  Another busy day so Big Chute Marine railway was as far as we travelled.  We were on our way again at first lock on Tuesday morning.  Stayed at one of our favourite anchorages in Georgian Bay just South of Parry Sound, Echo Bay.  The geese there are so tame they were eating out of my hand.  I have a terrible fear of birds so this was a feat only accomplished with a little help from my friend wine.  The geese weren't even afraid of Dexter.  
Today we fueled up in Parry Sound and tucked in to Regatta Bay just North of there.  We will stay put here to wait out a couple of windy days and then float to Killarney "One Bay at a Time."

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Last night at home departing from Perkins dock

We enjoyed one last beautiful sunset at our land home and have now officially moved onboard and will be floating for the next year.  "Looper" flag installed so our fellow "Loopers" will be able to recognize us and the flag makes for some interesting conversation with all of our fellow boaters along the way. 

Packing the boat was a chore, trying to fit a houseful of necessities in to a an area smaller than our living room.....BUT WE DID IT!!  Steve has been slowly bringing supplies, which I discovered as I was looking for space to store additional bedding and towels.  Every little compartment that I opened....there was a bottle of Clamato juice!  I thought I was brilliant on Friday when I spent the day blanching veggies and vacuum packing for the freezer.  Not a fan of canned veggies and the perfectly portioned packs are brilliant....right?  I also portioned out steak and chicken and vacuum packed for freezing as well...brilliant.....right?   WRONG!  April called me later in the day on Friday and started her conversation as always..."what are you doing?"  I think I even stuck my chest out when I answered her..."I am portioning out our meals and preparing for the freezer on the boat!  I have enough meat and veggies that I won't have to find a grocery store for a month!"  April's response....which deflated my posture to that of Popeye before his spinach....."You are crossing the boarder in 7 - 10 days aren't you?  You can't take meat and veggies across the boarder you know."  Yes I did know but not sure why I never thought of that.  So...if we happen to bump in to you prior to boarder crossing...who ever you are invited for dinner. 

Off to a wedding this afternoon then we'll be leaving the dock when we arrive back at the boat this evening for an evening cruise to Bobcaygeon where we will wait for the locks to open at 9am Sunday.  We will go as far as possible but likely to Gamebridge lock or Lake Simcoe.  Feeling a little like a kid on the first day of summer break.  Looking forward to what is in store for us as we begin the adventure that has only been a dream for many years.  Here we go living our lives "One Bay at a Time".

Monday, 6 July 2015

Leaving Starport Marina for the last time before our big boat ride

Officially retired now so preparation is in high gear. Left our home  port Starport Marina on lake Simcoe for the last time on July 2nd.
Heading back to Perkins dock which is much closer to home which allows us to reduce our to do list much faster. The water maker is now in full service. There was a bit of a celebration when that started working. This means we never have to worry about looking for fresh water. Unlimited drinking water and showers!!..oh the luxuries we take for granted.

My next post will not be until we have departed on our year long journey on July 26th. Until then, we will be busy with final preparations and celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary on July 9th. Feels like just yesterday so I can just imagine how quickly this next year will fly by.